Sukoluhle Ndlovu

Ghana Hair

What does your company do?

Ghana Hair enterprise is made for African woman to embrace their natural hair and love their afro. We supply hair shea butter, mango butter, Jamaican castor, and chebe oil for Type 4 natural hair. Our products are handmade and we preserve them at our best to avoid mold or bacteria to grow.

What is your biggest success?

Our greatest achievement was from the beginning we did measurements on our hair and we kept a record of it and we received amazing feedback this year that our hair products are working really good and our customers are happy.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

Our biggest hurdle was last year when our products were melting and turning green, so we had to go through our products to check what we realized that we were not preserving them longer than refrigeration is able to do alone. But now our major problem it's storage and we don't have enough facilities to store them. Our other problem is that we have trouble when packaging our products we are trying to avoid having gaps in the container.

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