#saveourchildren /Hope For Hunger

What does your company do?

We are not a registered NPO, we run a community outreach Hope For Hunger together with my daughter 10years and 14 years old son which focus on less privilege communities to give meals, During lockdown we were able to go to an orphanage to deliver food, gift and groceries we did not not stop there we continue to give meals to people who live in the street at Alberton, we have a Facebook where people will reach out to us we try to help where we can even though we not registered but we continue to bring change through hope for Hunger I have recently launched another movement #saveourchildren themed Inspire a dream the movement its purpose is to inspire, motivate and continue to give hope to a boy child and a girl child. we collect notesbook in order to give to the youth to pen their dreams down to make sure that they don't get lost along the way, we recently went at Hawk Academy where I managed to put together a few of young professionals, doctors, attorneys and upcoming designer because I believe that everyone has a story to tell. The professionals shared their stories to Hawks grade 11 which will be the first grade 12 for the school in that campaign one child got a scholarship from the attorneys as she want to be an attorney they will make sure that she also attend vacational work in order to expose her in the field of her choice and this is very great as in many cases children they will choose the career when they get to university they discover that they are not happy with their choice. Also they were students who were interested in becoming designers the designers will work with them and introduce the basics skills, children's were given a skill for life and two students from less privilege families since the school is new and is situated from poor community of Primrose and they will be hosting their first matric farewell in 2022, Two of the students their matric farewell will be taken care. We will love to do more and continue to reach out to more schools and more youth with your help, This was inspired by my upbringing I will write down everything that I want to achieve things that I see in a magazine I will cut out and paste it on my notebook which help to visualize to continue to see where I want to be in life not where I was, My upbringing did not allow me to dream. My dream is to continue to do more and reach more lives

What is your biggest success?

Being able to start the outreach, the movement the campaign taking one step toward the right direction without to wait for the government recourses not even thinking about them but be on the move of change Yes I will love to be finance but this is bigger than that is to be able to give back to the community.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

Getting sponsorship, getting people to believe in the movement we still need more professionals who wants or willing to share their stories in order to inspire more dreams.

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