Valerie naidoo

Wallstreet Coaching Foundation

What does your company do?

We help eliminate poverty by making women and youth more employable by providing training & placement into skilled jobs in the BPO Industry. Work to promote gender balance & Inclusion while narrowing the digital divide for women across the African continent

What is your biggest success?

Creating a program called "Powering up the next generation of women" which has positively impacted women. This led to me becoming a co-author alongside Theresa Valoczy and Dr Joe Vitale for "2017 inspirational Almanac:Birth of light" which went on to become an international best seller.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

When I wanted to create a trailer for my upcoming Talkshow called 'Shedding your skin", I was rejected by many production houses and was even treated differently by people for trying so hard. This only encouraged me further to seek support internationally and I have been fortunate enough to now have my Talkshow series handled by Medulla production house in Dubai.

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