Violet Thotoane Lupuwana

Chumile Holdings

What does your company do?

Chumile Holdings provides essential services of safe, hygienic and professional passanger transportation. Our company has two main divisions and passenger transport services namely: Chumile Transport Services - is your reliable, safe and hygienic transport business partner. We offer much desired peace of mind for HR and Safety Managers who have been relying on our professional service while we ensure the safe, reliable service of transporting the most valuable assets, their staff/employees from their homes to their places of employment and back home. This we do with the most care ensuring that we deliver them safely back home to be with their families that they love and to whom they are significant to. In this time of the COVID19 pandemic, we have strengthened our support to our clients as we ensure that we adhere to the social distancing rules, disinfect our fleet after every trip to prevent infections between loads/ passengers We also ensure that we prevent cross departmental contamination and we do this by transporting the different departments of the same organization in various busses. Chumile Transport Services has been the trusted name and brand for reliable and professional essential staff transport to many of the big multinationals such as SAB (AB Inbev) , Coca-Cola Beverages South Africa, Mondelez, Pioneer foods, Radisson Blu Hotel, Heraeus, Schaeffler SA but to name a few where. Chumile Shuttle and Tours delights itself in providing convenience, reliability, professional Chauffeur services, airport transfers, tours, management of hotel Concierge services, corporate shuttle services, corporate tourism, tourism services for both local and international tourists. Chumile Consulting offers services that focuses on the edification of the human capital. We help others find and get their wants for life and living. We help corporates and various organizations by helping them to work with the growing challenge of disengaged employees. The challenge of disengaged employees has adverse effects on safety, productivity and staff morale. The ideal work place is one where every employee contributes intentional value to their employer organisation by contributing their best time, innovation, skills and talents with love. We offer these solutions through internationally accredited coaching skills. Our coaches are certified by the Advanced Coaching and Leadership Centre in Texas and throught the learnt powerful technologies, thousands of professionals, entrepreneurs, individuals have experienced greater success in their lives, careers, relationships and the different games they play in life.

What is your biggest success?

My biggest success has been has been now during the COVID19 Pandemic Lockdown when we made our record sales. We made the most money now during a time of crises. We witnessed our business gain new clients during an economic crisis. We grow market share in a time when it didn't make sense to do so. We had our best sales where we turned over in access of R2 million. This was the most phenomenal results in the history of our company. It gave me great pleasure to be the company that corporates and SOEs call on in their trou le times. The big highlights was that both my husband's and my ex employers became o ur clients this time. So, just the joy of having exchanged the payslips for invoices is a huge milestone for us both. My ex employer was the client that we invoiced over R1 million per month during this lock down. We have good relations with our clients and we have most of my dream clients as our contract clients. Another success is being black young woman, born from a taxi driver (dad) and today I am an owner of a company that has 30 vehicles that both my husband and I own at the age of 34 years. I believe there is so much content in my story. Our business has increased the turnover by over 100% for 3 consecutive years. We won the national winner Top 3 for SAB Kickstart Youth Enterprise competition.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

My biggest hurdle in the beginning was access to market. Getting that first contract. After the 3 years into entrepreneurship, I experienced major breakthroughs of success when Coca Cola Beverages South Agave mey first contract for staff transport. When I ventured into entrepreneurship, I had just left my full time job as an industrial engineer in one of the Big German Automotive companies in the Eastern Cape. So coming from good paying job to going for months without a salary, all in the name of pursuing my purpose. I believe my story line goes something like, I traded my profession for my purpose. The work that I do and the services we render through Chumile Holdings are all aligned to my purpose.

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