Vumile Msweli

Hesed Consulting (pty) ltd

What does your company do?

We are a a Pan-African coaching firm with presence in Botswana; South Africa; Rwanda; Nigeria and the United States of America. We do consulting, coaching specialising in career; financial; executive and leadership coaching and trade.

What is your biggest success?

Speaking about the future of work on the African continent for me is always a highlight as it helps people become more intentional about their careers. So success for me is doing things such as adressing the African Union regarding employment or my TedX Talk Help! I hate my job or adressing the Women’s Economic Forum in India about Ubuntu the economics of goodness and it’s importance in the workplace .

What has been your biggest hurdle?

The biggest was trying to generate capital to grow the business by entering the Uber business. This resultee in the reposession of 3 vehicles and a big dent in our cash-flow.It is never a good idea to go head first in a business you have no clue about and with little research that arrogance was an expensive lesson.

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