Television Producer, Presenter & Entrepreneur

Joining our panel of judges this year is South African broadcasting veteran and 2020 Women of the Future MC, Doreen Morris. With her expansive and successful career in television production, Doreen offers a unique perspective as an experienced businesswoman and entrepreneur herself. 

Doreen got her start as an on-air presenter for SABC 1 in the early 1980’s. Two years later, she was employed as Head of PR at the newly formed M-Net. She went on to form part of the founding Carte Blanche team and anchored Carte Blanche Africa for 7 years, which gave her unique insight into journalistic practices across Africa.

From 1994 until 2000, Doreen was the custodian of the Miss South Africa competition, which she helped steer through the turbulent years toward democracy. She recounts this experience as her introduction into the world of entrepreneurship.

Doreen believes that the representation of women in South African business spheres is not only necessary, but imperative. ‘Having started my career during a time when diversity was not a priority, it has become so important to pay attention to the advancement and support of female entrepreneurs’ says Doreen.

As a TV Producer, some of her most recent projects include titles such as VIA TV’s Vermis and Trialogue on SABC 3, both of which cover themes she is passionate about, such as Gender-Based Violence. ‘I have been self-employed since 1992 and in my experience; women provide such an important voice and play an irreplaceable economic and social role, which must be developed at all costs.’

‘South Africa needs more women in leadership, especially considering that we make up 50% of the population. We cannot just be proxies and gatekeepers to advance the patriarchy. We can use all of the innate skills and abilities that we possess as women – the same skills that are required to be successful entrepreneurs – and bring those to bear in decision-making rooms. I think the country would be well served in women leadership.’

WHAT DOREEN WILL BE LOOKING FOR: ‘I will be taking note of women who have found innovative ways to respond to pressing needs in society, women whose impact is far-reaching and women who find time to empower and mentor other women along their journey.’