Aamirah Ngwenya

Aamirah's Beauty

What does your company do?

Aamirah's Beauty is a majority-black female-owned beauty salon that is located in the northern suburbs of Johannesburg catering for young professionals who take pride in their physical wellness. We are well-positioned to attract customers who appreciate quality services and competitive prices. We offer grooming services, for both men and women. These are nails, waxing, massage, threading, laser hair removal, and facials and we retail aftercare products.

What is your biggest success?

The opening of my beauty business is my biggest success thus far. This journey has been a testament to my unwavering passion, relentless dedication and entrepreneurial spirit. From the inception of my business idea to the grand opening day, every step has been a labour of love and commitment. I have e poured my heart and soul into creating a space that not only offers exceptional beauty services but also fosters a sense of empowerment and self-confidence in every client who walks through the door. This has been more than just a personal accomplishment; it has been a transformative experience that allowed me to fulfil my dreams and make a positive impact in my community. Through this journey, I have learned invaluable lessons about my resilience, leadership and the power of chasing my dreams. Thank you for considering my entry. I am excited about the opportunity to participate in your competition and share my journey with a wider audience.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

Since opening my business, the biggest hurdle I've faced is building the right team. Finding staff with both the necessary skills and the right attitude has been a significant challenge. In the pursuit of assembling a team that aligns with my vision and values, I've implemented rigorous hiring processes and invested time in cultivating a positive work culture. While it hasn't been easy, I've learned the importance of patience, perseverance and adaptability in navigating this challenge. This has also affected attracting new clients and retaining g loyal ones. Despite the obstacles, I remain committed to building a team of dedicated professionals who share my passion for delivering exceptional beauty services and creating meaningful experiences for our clients. I believe that by overcoming this hurdle, my business is better positioned for long-term success and growth.