What does your company do?

Company History: Since our inception in 2020, Alisha Lalbeharie Podiatrist has grown steadily, officially evolving into Foot Motion Podiatry in 2023, earning the trust and loyalty of our patients. We have expanded our capabilities, invested in state-of-the-art equipment, and built a team of experienced professionals who share our commitment to excellence. Our journey is marked by countless success stories, where we have helped individuals regain mobility, alleviate pain, and rediscover the joy of an active life. Our Background: Founded in 2023, Foot Motion Podiatry was born out of a desire to fill a gap in the podiatric care landscape. We recognized the need for a practice that not only provided expert medical treatment but also prioritized patient education and empowerment. Our team of highly skilled and compassionate professionals is dedicated to delivering the highest standard of care, all while fostering a warm and welcoming environment.

What is your biggest success?

As Alisha Lalbeharie, my biggest success has been the establishment and growth of my podiatry medical practice. Starting from a single branch in Ladysmith, KZN, in 2020, I have expanded to three branches across Northern KZN, including locations in Newcastle and Estcourt. This expansion not only signifies the success of my business but also reflects the positive impact I've had on the community by providing specialized lower limb care to a broader population. Additionally, my ability to cultivate a strong online presence through social media platforms has allowed me to educate and engage with a wider audience, further enhancing the reach and influence of my practice. Overall, my journey from inception to expansion stands as a testament to my dedication, expertise, and commitment to improving the well-being of individuals facing lower limb issues in my community.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

My biggest hurdle has been navigating the traditionally male-dominated field of podiatry and establishing my practice as a respected presence. Overcoming gender biases and breaking through established norms required perseverance and determination. Additionally, in the initial stages of opening my practice, gaining visibility and attracting patients posed a significant challenge. Building trust and credibility within the community amidst established competitors demanded innovative marketing strategies and a strong commitment to providing exceptional care. Despite these obstacles, I remained steadfast in my dedication to delivering quality podiatric services and advocating for inclusivity within the field. Through perseverance and strategic efforts, I successfully established my practice and earned the trust of my patients, solidifying my position as a trusted healthcare provider in my community.