Alsonia Duroy

Indulgence spa and aesthetics

What does your company do?

Indulgence spa and aesthetics provides a variety of beauty and wellness treatments…. Our mission is to make people feel good and feel beautiful. We do our best to enhance one’s natural beauty and provide personalized experiences that cater to our clients needs. From massages, skin care, IV drips to brows, lashes, nails and tons more we offer a comprehensive range of experiences and services.

What is your biggest success?

I am incredibly proud of the journey I have taken in growing my business from employing 2 people to now having a team of 7 within just 3 years. This achievement represents not only the expansion of my company but also the realization of my vision and hard work. By strategically scaling the business and creating more job opportunities, I have been able to foster a culture of growth and collaboration within my team. Navigating challenges, making tough decisions, and staying committed to my goals have been crucial in reaching this milestone. Building a strong team, empowering employees, and providing a supportive work environment have been key factors in our success. I am grateful for the opportunity to create more employment opportunities and make a positive impact on the lives of my employees and the community. This journey has been a testament to my entrepreneurial spirit, determination, and passion for driving business growth.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

One of the most significant challenges I faced in growing my business was assembling a strong team and identifying the right individuals to assist me in running and expanding the company. Learning to delegate effectively was a daunting hurdle as I grappled with relinquishing control and trusting others with critical tasks. Overcoming this obstacle required a shift in mindset towards collaboration and empowerment. Through perseverance and a commitment to finding the best talent, I gradually built a team that aligned with my vision and values. Embracing delegation not only allowed me to focus on strategic initiatives but also fostered a culture of accountability and innovation within the organization. This journey of assembling a capable team, learning to trust in their abilities, and empowering them to contribute to the business's growth has been a transformative experience that has propelled us towards success.