Amina Guffar

Dr Amina Guffar

What does your company do?

I started this practice a few months after my community service year with the dream of assisting in the lives of women. I run a medical practice that provides healthcare, aesthetic and anti-ageing treatments. Our consultations aim to understand our patients on a deeper level to improve their self esteem and physical health. Some of our services include Sexual Health, Hormonal health (Teenagers to Menopausal phase), cardiometabolic health (weight management), cancer screening and family planning. Our aesthetic treatments include collagen biostimulators, skin and hair loss treatments, botulinum toxin and dermal filler treatments and DNA testing. Our aim is to empower and enhance the lives of women through confidence and wellbeing.

What is your biggest success?

Being able to see the impact that the practice is making on my patients has been beyond what I have dreamt. Women walk out feeling heard, more confident and with hope that what they are seeking is not impossible. This is both with their physical health and appearances. I have been trying to break the stigma to have patients talk about their menopausal symptoms, sexual health, how they feel about themselves etc and this has been great to have more women come out and discuss matters of womanhood that bother them and seek help which they never thought about doing before. Another success and motivation for me was winning a prestigious Women of Wonder award in December 2023. Award winners were chosen as influential women of great value that lead and empower and strive to make a difference in society. This was an award that held much value to me as it was only the first year my practice had been running - an award that I had not applied for and new nothing about but was anonymously nominated and found to be a winner

What has been your biggest hurdle?

I am one women team. Starting a company and running a business so soon after medical school, something I knew nothing about- trying to balance clinical medicine, patient care and learning the business aspect has been a great struggle but this might be because I am still new to it. I work 7 days a week to catch up on admin etc. This hurdle is getting easier as I become more experienced