Andile Mcobothi

Future Goals Academy

What does your company do?

Our business stands out for its dedication to high-performance netball coaching, offering specialized training to enhance skills and performance levels. Unlike recreational programs, it goes further by providing advanced techniques and strategies to help participants excel in the sport, potentially leading to competitive opportunities at higher levels. Additionally,Future Goals Academy promotes netball as a business opportunity, beyond just a hobby. It opens doors to career paths and entrepreneurial ventures within the sport

What is your biggest success?

Under Academy achievements, I have had the privilege of achieving notable recognitions and awards. These include securing 3rd place in the Nedbank Change Makers Youth X Awards, being nominated for Project of the Year at GWIS, winning the Administrator of the Year award at GWIS, being recognised as one of the 50 Most Memorable Women of 2024, being recognized as one of the Sunday World Unsung Heroes of 2024,

What has been your biggest hurdle?

Weather because we don’t have an indoor facility