Andile Mcobothi

Future Goals Foundation

What does your company do?

Our business is dedicated to supporting young athletes in their academic and personal growth alongside their sports training. We provide tutoring services to help them succeed in their studies, aiming to prepare them for higher education if they choose that path. We also assist them with university applications, ensuring they have the resources and guidance they need to pursue their academic goals. Beyond academics, we focus on developing a wide range of skills that are valuable both on and off the field. This includes things like computer literacy, practical skills such as sewing and beading, and essential life skills to help them navigate various aspects of life successfully. We also offer workshops and mentorship programs aimed at enhancing their employability, broadening their career opportunities beyond sports. Through mentorship sessions and career talks, we provide valuable guidance to help our players navigate their career paths effectively. Additionally, we address holistic development, including physical and emotional well-being, through talks on puberty and other relevant topics. While our main focus is on netball skills development, we believe in the importance of equipping our players with life skills that extend beyond the sports arena.

What is your biggest success?

One of our greatest achievements has been winning the Project of the Year award from GWIS. We've had a significant impact by helping eight girls get spots on district netball teams. It's been amazing to see these girls gain confidence. Our involvement in the Laureus Sports For Good program supports our goal. We offer educational programs, mentorship, and vocational training to ensure these girls are ready for the future. Our success in netball competitions, like coming in 2nd place in the Twizza tournament after UJ and getting 4th place at the Johannesburg Netball Association District tournament, shows that our initiatives work well in nurturing talent and encouraging girls to play sports. Besides empowering young girls, we're also dedicated to inclusive employment. By focusing on diversity among our staff, we're giving opportunities to young black South Africans and creating a lively work environment. Through these efforts, we're not only helping our community but also setting a good example for future leaders in South Africa.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

The biggest hurdle we face is getting sponsorship and funding to help with transportation. It's tough and unsafe to transport the girls back to their homes, especially after long tournaments. Additionally, we need funds for tutoring fees to help the girls improve their grades, especially since many of them are in grade 11 and matric. Another challenge is securing sponsorship for food. Currently, I buy them energy drinks and food parcels during tournaments, so having a sponsor to assist with that would be crucial.