Andisiwe Mncube

Mission :Possible

What does your company do?

Mission: Possible is a security and safety company dedicated to manufacturing innovative and discreet smart accessories and jewellery. These items are designed to serve as panic buttons, allowing users to alert loved ones in emergencies with the simple push of a button. Upon activation, the device sends an automated message along with the user’s live location, providing reassurance that assistance is on its way.

What is your biggest success?

Our recent achievement this year was securing the position of second runner-up in the on-campus Hult Prize competition at our university. This prestigious competition challenged us to develop and implement innovative business ideas aimed at addressing some of the world's most pressing social issues. Participation in the Hult Prize competition afforded us access to an extensive network of mentors, investors, and social entrepreneurs, providing invaluable support and resources. we are pleased to announce our recent collaborations with other burgeoning start-up ventures. These partnerships have enabled us to advance our endeavours towards the development and manufacturing of our prototype, marking a significant stride in our journey towards realizing our objectives.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

Our foremost challenge has been the securing of funding for our business, which has constrained our capacity to invest in pivotal areas such as product development and personnel acquisition.