Angel Pooe

Bongoe Sports Academy

What does your company do?

I have founded and run the Angel Pooe Foundation, through which i aims to play a role in enhancing the skills and education of women back home, in the community I grew up in. The foundation works in cooperation with my company, Eana Services and Detergent Supply, with the company employing single mothers, while the foundation assists them in providing care and education to their children. Some of the children who have an interest in football also have the chance to join a soccer team called Bongoe Sport Academy, which is also owned by myself. We not only focus on soccer, education is also important to us, we have after school programs that help the learners to excel at school before they get on the field.

What is your biggest success?

The greatest achievement is making a difference in someone’s life, giving someone hope and being there for them as a team to get over any challenges as a family, as a community. Our Head Coach is a black female Winning local leagues Our seniors players are going for trials 3 of our Seniors players got internships through our support and connections. Our community is One

What has been your biggest hurdle?

One of the biggest hurdles of any new company in SA is definitely finances and we are not exempted from that. We have never received any funding from any organisation all the monies contributed to date is from us as the leadership. Funding is our biggest hurdle. Transportation to and from the games. Soccer balls and gear and boots are some of our most needed.