Angela de Longchamps

Inspired Leadership

What does your company do?

At Inspired Leadership, we recognise that the heart of organisational performance lies in the calibre of its managers. We grow and develop their capability, so they can unleash the best performance in their team. Our approach blends leading edge content, and personalised guidance, into a learning experience that seamlessly integrates into organisation's life. Our streamlined learning journeys incorporate the best learning methods: feedback, coaching, face-to-face interactions, online modules, quizzes, manager engagement, and retention tools. Our gamified approach breaks down each journey into short, engaging learning paths, creating a robust and sustainable system to track progress, measure impact and motivate participants. Our leadership development journeys offer quick implementation, easy accessibility across devices, and strategic involvement of line managers, ensuring impactful learning experiences. Our team at Inspired Leadership serve as a trusted extension of an organisations internal HR team.

What is your biggest success?

The biggest success so far has been client retention over multiple years, which goes to demonstrate the effectiveness of this approach. We are embedded inside multiple organisations creating a sustainable approach to developing leadership capability over time. Adding to that, in 2023 we landed our first pan-African client, so developed the capability to deliver our unique approach across multiple African countries in parallel, receiving a 4.97 NPS (out of 5). We are now in year 2 with this client and will grow with them.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

Business to business sales is slow and the decision maker and buyer is seldom clear or the same from one organisation to another. Understanding the organisation and who is an influencer versus a decision maker is very challenging. Not coming from a marketing or sales background, this aspect of growing my business has been and continues to be very challenging.