Anneline Mathiba

Proud Albinism

What does your company do?

Proud Albinism is a model entertainment platform that builds confidence, diversity, leadership and teaches the masses about the condition of Albinism. We provide FREE photoshoots for people with Albinism who want to be models.

What is your biggest success?

Working with great photographers and Fashion Designers, creating opportunities for people with Albinism. Producing a Fashion Show in November 2023 and coaching first models how to walk on the runway. Helping a young boy with Albinism improve his marks at school by guiding the teacher to accommodate his eyesight and sitting near the board in order for him to see closer. We have a collaboration photoshoot coming up with Levi's Jeans coming up for Albinism Awareness Month. As well as a photoshoot collaboration with the UN for International Albinism Awareness Day. I also created, wrote and produced a Fashion Film called A Daughter Of Destiny to empower women with Albinism.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

Creating a Fashion show from my own pocket. I had no funding and I still don't have funding. So, most of the resources are from my own pocket.