Ansela Burger

Zooty Frooty

What does your company do?

I am an artist and small bussiness owner of Zooty Frooty - I make funky clay jewelry and accessories as well as hosting painting and art events. I started the bussiness last year after loosing my teaching job and suffering from unemployment and burnout. I have since then, started a small cult following among students and young people who took happy home. I am in the bussiness of joy - one miniature art piece at a time.

What is your biggest success?

To me, the biggest success lies in the small gestures and compliments that people give me. People telling me that they never take off their earrings or someone saying that they enjoy my Instagram videos. The biggest success is seeing the joy that my products and art brings people.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

Because my bussiness is my hearts work, I often put most of what I earn back into the bussiness. There have been times where I had to choose between groceries and clay to make more products. But I have been working consistently and my dedication is starting to pay off.