Antonia Lesch

Waymaker SHE Support Services-Safety, Health, Environment


What does your company do?

Occupational Health medical examinations Primary Health Care Training Wellness Days(TB, HIV, Papsmears, Prostate, Pregnancy, Blood pressure, Blood Glucose Testing) Injury on Duty Management

What is your biggest success?

Waymaker SHE Support Services achieved remarkable success in its first year by securing a major Municipality tender, a testament to our exceptional service and reliability. Despite not investing in traditional marketing, we built an extensive clientele purely through word of mouth and referrals, showcasing the trust and satisfaction of our clients. As the sole Occupational Sister in the region, we had the unique opportunity to serve a vast area addressing the occupational health needs of numerous communities. This combination of a large client base, a significant municipal contract, and exclusive regional service positioned us as a leading provider in our industry, laying a strong foundation for future growth and success.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

Waymaker faced significant hurdles in its early stages. Cash flow issues were a constant challenge, impacting our ability to manage expenses and invest in growth opportunities. As a mobile service provider, transportation posed another major obstacle. Ensuring reliable and efficient transport was critical but often difficult, affecting my ability to meet client needs promptly. Additionally, a lack of knowledge in bookkeeping and compliance with SARS regulations further complicated my operations. Navigating financial records and tax obligations without proper expertise led to administrative burdens and potential risks. Overcoming these hurdles required learning on the job, seeking external advice, and gradually building more robust systems to support my business.