Aphiwe Ntombela

Kethona's Closet

What does your company do?

Kethona's Closet is a South African clothing brand that specialises in streetwear, crochetwear and semi-formal wear. We produce mens, womens and unisex clothing at the finest quality and a fraction of the prices of our competitors. All our products are made with organic materials such as cotton and wool. Sustainability is a value that the brand stands by because the resources must be preserved for the generations to follow. The Kethona brand has the perfect niche because we offer the best fashion at the lowest prices and the lowest impact on the environment simultaneously.

What is your biggest success?

My biggest success is graduating from tertiary with my diploma in fashion design. Being a qualified and recognised designer has been my dream for the longest of time as making my family proud makes it a more beautiful feat. I’ve since then attended multiple amateur fashion shows to build reputation for my brand and engaged with several people in the industry. My customer base is growing at a healthy rate as well and I’ve made multiple sales of my merchandise thus far.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

My biggest hurdle is the pricing aspect of running my business. I sometimes find it difficult to price my items right because of my position in the market. The business has not reached its full potential yet hence my business has to run according to the fluctuating prices of materials and fabric and the different periods of demand and supply instead of monopolising the crochet market and setting the price and standard.