Aphiwe Tafeni

Olem Business Boutique

What does your company do?

We offer Integrated Marketing Communications services which are: Below The Line Marketing, Public Relations and Events Management. We also offer training in Digital Skills (Digital Marketing, Cybersecurity, CCNA), Retails Skills and Administrative Skills.

What is your biggest success?

We have had great strides in business which include the fact that I was appointed the Chairperson of the Black Management Forum Young professionals for Nelson Mandela Bay - this has meant an amazing opportunity to network with decision makers across all industries in Nelson Mandela Bay, doors of opportunity are also paramount for the business due to this appointment, being onboarded onto the Innovator Trust programme, being the communications lead for the Annual ICT Summit, working with Absa on amazing projects, signing MOU with Eastcape Midlands College which entails offering our training programmes with the institution among other business activities which include the upcoming SMME Breakfast, working with NPO's and training 50 young people living with disabilities, opening a training centre in Mthatha that focuses on training youth, people living with disabilities and upskilling those that lost their jobs to COVID.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

The biggest hurdle that I faced as an entrepreneur which trickled into my business were mind blockages that I wasn't aware off until they manifested. I recognized that I had trust issues and that was a problem as I struggled delegating with my competent team. I ended up doing most of the work in the business and delayed many projects because I wanted to be hands on in all of them. The other hurdle that I discovered was that I had limiting beliefs (scarcity mindset) towards money and that fear led me to take on projects during a time when we didn't have capacity and thus stressed out both the client and my organization. Being part of the Innovator Trust programme not only allowed me an opportunity to be paired with great business coaches but also a personal development coach who helped guide me past these limiting beliefs and changes in the business are imminent.