Arashnee Ramjuguth

Narad Consulting T/a Refresha Trading Enterprises

What does your company do?

Established in 2017, Refresha Trading Enterprises is a LEVEL 1 BBBEE owned custom bottled water company offering a range of products and services. Our mission – is to ensure clean, purified drinking water is affordable and accessible to the South African people. We aspire to be the go-to place to create your impactful branded bottled water experience by helping our clients to grow their personal brand or businesses through branding water products. All bottles are manually labelled to ensure our customers receive the high quality product with aesthetically best looking bottles. This manual process has a positive effect in creating maximum work opportunities for the locals, thus helping uplift the community. Refresha Trading Enterprises uses the latest technology i.e., reverse osmosis to purify water from a private/public source that helps remove chemicals and impurities. We further do Ozonation Treatment as an additional step to ensure there is no bacterial growth. We are committed toward the scrupulous protection of South Africa’s water and environment, while providing superior products and services. The quality of our water is tested by South African National Standards (SANAS) accredited laboratory and turnaround time on orders are of paramount importance to meeting the needs of our clients. At Refresha Trading our aim is to be your one-stop cold beverage shop where you can purchase your full-basket offering with ease – from Bottled water, a Range of Juices, Gifting Needs as well coming on board and supporting our many campaigns regarding education of Water and Plastic issues Whether you want to PURCHASE our in-house products, want to custom label them as per your brand or become a part of our community projects… WE MAKE IT HAPPEN!

What is your biggest success?

Hosted our Interschool Recycling Fair

What has been your biggest hurdle?

Not being able to manufacture efficiently