Arya Moodley

Femme Influence

What does your company do?

Femme Influence is committed to creating a safer and healthier ​future for all women. We provide education and resources to ​empower young women, prevent gender-based violence, and ​promote women’s health. Our dedicated team strives to make a ​positive impact on the lives of young women and inspire them to ​reach their full potential.

What is your biggest success?

As the director of Femme Influence, my greatest achievement has been establishing a comprehensive support network that has positively impacted the lives of women and young girls. Through our initiatives addressing gender-based violence, mental health, and feminine hygiene, we have not only provided essential resources but also fostered a community of resilience and empowerment. One of our proudest milestones was the successful implementation of a pad drive that allows us to provide sanitary products for young girls and have mental wellness, feminine hygiene and consent talks with the girls, which has significantly improved their confidence, self-esteem and mental wellbeing. Witnessing these young girls grow into confident, educated, and empowered individuals is the most gratifying outcome of our efforts.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

As the director of Femme Influence, our greatest hurdle has been overcoming the stigma and cultural barriers surrounding gender-based violence, mental health, and feminine hygiene in many of the communities we serve. These issues are often deeply rooted in societal norms, making it challenging to initiate open conversations and drive meaningful change. We've had to invest significant effort in community engagement and education to build trust, dispel myths, and create a safe space where women and young girls feel empowered to seek help and access the resources they need. Despite these challenges, the progress we've made in raising awareness and supporting countless women and girls has been incredibly rewarding.