Asimise Zulu


What does your company do?

African Digital Equity npo was developed with the zeal to alleviate the rampant digital inequity across our communities in underprivileged areas. Due to acute poverty, education inequity and lacking economic and social developmental matters in such areas, the scope expanded. We are currently helping the communities of Sheshegu location in Alice claim the reimbursement for the forced removals that took place during the apartheid era. Along with this, we are operating livestock and vegetable production, through which we offer some fresh produce to our needy families and boost unemployed women and youth by giving them some piglets to rear for themselves.

What is your biggest success?

Assisting rural residents and children with various social development, SASSA, home affairs issues Assisting matric students search and apply for further education and training institutions Food security projects, gardening, giving away seedlings and piglets to women and elderly

What has been your biggest hurdle?

Financial capital and dire need to capacitated staff. We have had to use money from our own pockets with my husband to fund the initiatives and pay out small stipends. We also can't afford to have web site and other publicity resources. We also wish to buy a tractor and other agricultural tools which we can use to expand the crop production initiative to create more jobs.