Aurelie Torres-Hastie

Petit Fox

What does your company do?

Petit Fox helps parents dress their fast growing kids in an affordable and sustainable way via an eshop that buys and sells second-hand maternity & kids clothes (0 to 12 years).

What is your biggest success?

I had the courage and insight to bring to the existing South African second-hand market a unique, innovative and convenient solution for families. I brought expertise, dedication, and a sharp eye for quality clothing that resonate with affordability, sustainability and style. Petit Fox is now a favourite amongst South African families who shop monthly with us for their fast-growing kids.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

The biggest challenge was overcoming the stigma associated with second-hand items, especially when it came to children's clothing. Many potential customers held misconceptions about the quality of second-hand items. By focusing on quality, customer satisfaction and brand storytelling, Petit Fox cultivated a clean and trustworthy image, which parents feel comfortable with. I ensured that every piece of clothing listed on our website was meticulously inspected against strict selection criteria. Every customer interaction was personalized and empathetic. By offering an enjoyable shopping experience, I not only won loyal customers but also turned them into advocates for my business, reinforcing the credibility of Petit Fox. Through our social media platforms, I educated my potential customers about the benefits of buying second-hand children's clothing.