Ayanda Hlongwa

CatalystPearl Enterprise

What does your company do?

My company does crop and poultry farming. We grow fresh vegetables and chickens. The aim is to promote healthy lifestyles through our fresh organic produce

What is your biggest success?

Watching CatalystPearl Enterprise grow each time has been a dream. I'm taken back to the time my company used to sell 4 bunches of spinach the whole month. Today CatalystPearl Enterprise supplies one of the biggest supermarket and has partnered with an organization that buys veges from us weekly. Being able to buy land for myself and looking forward to building my hone which I will know has been built by my very own company

What has been your biggest hurdle?

Our hurdle has been the transportation of our goods. We work more 100km away from our clients and each time when we deliver we need to hire a vehicle. We are also in need of another plot of land as more produce will help in raising funds for our own vehicle