Ayanda Ndwandwe


What does your company do?

LIYEMAZWIDE TRADING Manufacture affordable using environmental friendly and organic proudly South African products. We also craft authentic beadwork accessories handbags & shoes.

What is your biggest success?

My biggest success was when I took a Risk bacle in 2022 and started making my perfumes from scratch at home. I bought the ingredients with my savings with the hope and faith that people will support my small business. I made 16 bottle of 30 ML perfumes and I showed them to my school mates and church mates are to my biggest surprise they actually supported me and I made a huge profits.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

My biggest hurdle is Capital, approved lab with proper equipment to manufacture, store room to keep ingredients as they need to be kept in a cool dry place. Branding & Marketing. My vision is to supply beauty shops & Spar.