Beatrice Bosch

Explore Vibe powered by Luhlaza

What does your company do?

Luhlaza Sustainable Solutions is a dynamic 100%  female, youth and black enterprise that focus on strategic development and corporate social development. Vision Reimagine and inspire new possibilities. Mission Building different `to secure the future and unlock endless possibilities. To create integrated development plans that are aligned with the triple bottom line to actively build a sustainable future. Tagline Explore beyond your imagination Transforming the face of Education through holistic development geared for the 5th industrial revolution and beyond!  Education is a crucial building block to building a better and brighter future for all. The current status of the nation calls upon all role players to contribute the realisation of the Global 2030 Sustainable Development Goals. The Explore Vibe project comprises a journal and an app. Both our journal and app serve as a career day in a learner's pocket filled with insightful knowledge, personal development, and career exploration activities. This is to gear up the user towards navigating their career path in sectors that are crucial for economic growth. This Initiative is underpinned by the QTLC principles Explore Vibe Journal •Is a dynamic journal that provides a holistic view of GDP and the key economic indicators. • It strives to empower high school learners and first year tertiary students with knowledge on how the economy works in order to unlock future opportunities. It seeks to expose youth to the essence of the economy to ensure skills alignment to the needs of the country.

What is your biggest success?

This venture became a beacon of hope for me during some of my darkest days. This venture did not only bring healing to me but also brought light to high school learners who were vastly affected by the negative impact of loadshedding. I am passionate about corporate social investment and education. I launched the light it up campaign in 2022 to aid underprivileged learners with alternative light and stationery. The campaign was funded by Enel a renewable energy company with operations globally including Prieska Northern Cape. The initiative has approximately 700 beneficiaries from the Northern Cape and Western Cape over the two year span. Beneficiaries received stationery packs, alternative lighting and stationery. I survived a kidnapping in 2022 and the trauma from that experience led me to this path of development. The research process for the Explore Vibe journal and the app became my coping mechanism during the time of healing. I felt like giving up too but this entire journey of healing has taught me my strength and resilience.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

Prior to the kidnapping I started with renovations at my house with the intention to convert my garage into an apartment to assist me with start up capital but didn't work well due to the ordeal. Securing funding has been challenging. I wish I was in a position to prioritise my venture on a full-time basis too.