Bernadine Bianca Osch

Destiny Carriers w/Bernadine Osch

What does your company do?

We are an Aspiring Talkshow whereby our Vision and Mission is: "THE DESTINY CARRIERS TALKSHOW" Vision :To bring people in alignment with their assignment(purpose) Mission :Facilitating people and providing them with tools and equip them with necessary resources to fulfill their destiny (purpose)

What is your biggest success?

To get guests on the show,sharing their process and viewers watch and we get feedback that it helped them. Not only for the viewers,but also so so so many opened doors and next level stuff happened in the lives of the guests,as they always gave me the relevant feedback.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

The fact that I do not have cameras(all the equipment),,a solid place to do the hosting of the shows because we used to do it at Mh Parents house or the Guests houses,if they's prefer it like that. Not having money for the show,also delays a lot of things to happen.