Bilicia Khosana

Khosana Organics

What does your company do?

Khosana Organics is a holistic wellness company that sells specially selected holistic wellness products that help support physical and emotional wellness. We have Yoni steaming herbs, bath salts and scrubs, massage oils, herbal teas and mocktails. We also have a variety of energy cleansers such as incense sticks and smudge sticks. Khosana Organics doesn't just stop there, we go beyond traditional retail by offering the spa experience of our products to your door step. We have a mobile spa service that offers custom wellness sessions directly to you at your home or office. These sessions include massage treatments, yoni steaming services, Postpartum care services and yoga services for beginners.

What is your biggest success?

Our greatest achievement has been being a part of the Hollywood Foundation pitch awards and also attaining the business management certification from the NYDA. This has helped us with gaining experience for running Khosana Organics in terms of the financial development, getting compliant, fine tuning out pitch idea and getting much needed training and exposure.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

Our biggest hurdle has to be securing funding for the growth of Khosana Organics. It was started with funds from savings. I'm order for us to keep up with the the growing demand we need equipment to ensure we maintain the quality of our products and services efficiently and effectively. We also need funding to take up space on social media by aggressively adverting on all social media platforms and partnering up with influential people to really push our message for holistic wellness. We have reached out and applied to government entities for assistance and we are currently waiting for response.