NgotliM (Pty) Ltd

What does your company do?

We offer Group Mentoring ( Employee mentoring sessions) Every company aspires to maximize its employees' productivity and employees' mental and physical health plays a huge role in productivity. - Employee performance improvement and retention. - Communication Skills. - Practice Emotional Intelligence. - Organize and Host networking events. Our motto/slogan: "Knowing who you are. Making your passion your profession."

What is your biggest success?

My greatest achievement is seeing and putting a smile on someone's face. I grew up with squinty eyes which made my childhood difficult, I lacked self-esteem and self-confidence as I was made to feel as if I was different from other children, being mocked and laughed at every single day. Having low self-esteem is like driving through life with a hand break on. I never wanted to limit my potential in anything and believe that I can break the misconceptions and barriers of what people with the same condition can have any day. The mission is to help, teach, educate, and encourage our communities about self-esteem and authenticity with a Motto: “Knowing who you are.”

What has been your biggest hurdle?

Being a woman entrepreneur is not easy. You will sometimes secure a meeting with a company boss to ask for collaboration but find that they have a mind of their own, especially male bosses. Financial independence is needed in a company to avoid having to always knock on doors asking for assistance.