Boipelo Letlape

Boipelo Letlape & Vergenoeg Mining


What does your company do?

My Social Entreprise is firstly taking off as a partnership with one of the biggest organizations that is significantly playing equally a vital role in our economy and that is Vergenoeg Mining situated in Limpopo. My Philanthropic objectives as an entrepreneur were the first passion before I could professionally pursue entrepreneurship for more enhancement especially to do with Women Empowerment. I have recently partnered with the Vergenoeg Mining with a shared mission of empowering a girl child, to young women with dreams and potential that needs to be cultivated. We are committed to dealing with deep rooted issues which hasn't been addressed fully as they should because no sustainable solutions have been offered on the premises of eradicating issues that must not only be addressed but ensured to be eliminated. We have specifically chosen to deal with the rural or rather informal settlements where we are to first have campaign to not only motivate but offer a platform in dealing with issues such as identity crisis, orphans, teenage pregnancy and bullying. These are topics which are severely impacting the upbringing of our women and cutting short their journies to becoming especially those without support. We intend to have support from the likes of Kgalema Motlanthe Foundation whereby it will strengthen our will to progress as a society. Our second phase with regards to this is to have a Centre built in Dr J.S Moroka Municipality that will be catering for all women alike. This Centre will have its doors open to give support as we will have the right resources, and people and to facilitate our mission.

What is your biggest success?

I am a recent Alumni of United Nations Development Programme and United Nations Training & Research Institute in Africa by Government of Canada: Advancing Gender Equality and Women Empowerment, Entrepreneurship and Financial Literacy. (15 selected women in South Africa) I am currently sitting as a Deputy Chairperson (soon to be Chair) of the Black Management Forum South Africa, Policy and Research committee.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

My definition of any hurdle in life has been challenged tremendously by the perception I draw out of the will of my life. I have always believed that the problem isn't the problem but how you tend to see the problem. In the process of becoming, it's qualities such as patience and determination that gets to tested thus in the midst of it all, for me it has always been about putting my eyes on where I want to be and not where I am and that's how my optimism has outweighed any hurdle.