Bongiwe mpanza

Mawazo Designs

What does your company do?

Mawazo Designs we do Ladies wear and menswear. Safetywear , school uniform .We have in-house brand and we also do Custom made Designs.

What is your biggest success?

Starting my own company and securing a solid contract from a Ngungumbane are significant achievements. I dedicated a lot of hard work and risk-taking. I'm proud for creating job opportunities not only for yourself but also for others through your business. I keep up continue to grow and thrive! Mawazo Designs is one of my dream come true , I willing to open job opportunities for the South African youth.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

Funding for equipment is a significant hurdle for Mawazo Designs, limiting production capacity and hindering business growth. With only one industrial machine and two domestic machines, taking on more orders is challenging. Exploring funding options or alternative solutions can help overcome this hurdle. Consider government programs, small business loans, grants, crowdfunding, investors, equipment financing, partnerships, or used/refurbished equipment. Prioritizing and managing orders efficiently can also help maximize current equipment capacity. Overcoming hurdles requires creative problem-solving and perseverance. By exploring these options and staying committed, Mawazo Designs can overcome this challenge and continue to grow and thrive.