Buile Sarah Mashiane

Sisiziwe Training and Business Enterprise

What does your company do?

Skills Development Uniform manufacturing and Supply We offer both Accredited and Non Accredited skills nationally We cut and stitch our garments to ensure the manufacturing process is intact.

What is your biggest success?

Our biggest success has been having to employ our staff on full time basis and having to have contracts with 6 schools that give us business through out the year. We started out by outsourcing to ensure our products were fully manufactured however we have our workshop staff that cuts and stitches our garments to ensure the manufacturing process is intact. Having to train our own staff brings about fulfillment as it allows us give them the bespoke training.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

As we have mentioned that we are sewing uniforms and most of them need embroidery and sublimation. The biggest hurdle is to have to find ourselves outsourcing the above-mentioned services which tends to be costly and time consuming. These are two most important aspects of the manufacturing process however we don't afford the embroidery and sublimation machine as yet because we are in the first few years of operation.