Busisiwe Charity Peter

Bristol Blue Solutions

What does your company do?

I do rentals in my property that only lives tenants. It is close to school and in a very busy area whereby the is a mall that has been recently built and the rooms are not enough to accommodate people who are looking for a place to rent and that makes me feel bad when i think of the profit am losing due to that because i have enough space and a plan that is modernized to attract more tenants.

What is your biggest success?

I managed to add two showers for those who are in the commune and one shower for those who are in the outside rooms. I managed to make a tight security as well.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

I am not making enough profit as i need to add more rooms and make the place attractive whereby each person will have her own access to the shower at least a place be more like a bachelor then the rent will differ and will make the company make more profit. I also have an intention of adding a quick spaza where all the tenants can buy but due to the low profit i cannot.