Cara Halliday

Hopscotch Travel

What does your company do?

Hopscotch is dedicated to providing young South Africans, aged 18-30, with unique experience to work and travel overseas. We specialize in recruiting for a variety of experiences that span across the globe, including Au Pairing in the USA, France, Italy, and the Netherlands, as well as participating in USA Summer Camps and USA Winter Ski experiences. Our experiences range in duration from 3 to 12 months, offering flexibility to suit different needs and schedules. Our mission is to improve the future of all young South Africans by bridging the school-to-work transition. We believe that international work and travel experiences not only enhance professional skills but also foster personal growth, cultural understanding, and a global perspective. Why choose Hopscotch? 1. We're caring, open, and encouraging to everyone we work with, ensuring every young South African feels supported and inspired. 2. We’re driven by curiosity, optimism, and the belief that every individual can grow through new experiences and opportunities. 3. We’re determined and creative in transforming our bold ambitions into reality, continuously finding innovative ways to empower and upskill young South Africans.

What is your biggest success?

At Hopscotch, we have celebrated numerous milestones that collectively define our success. However, the achievement that stands out the most is our ability to place young South Africans in overseas positions and witness their transformative journeys. Seeing our young South Africans return home, upskilled, empowered, and ready to enter the local job market is immensely rewarding. Each success story is a testament to our mission: improving the future of young South Africans by bridging the school-to-work transition. These individuals not only gain valuable professional experience and intercultural skills but also become more confident and employable. Our greatest success lies in the impact we have on their lives—helping them grow personally and professionally, and contributing to their readiness to thrive in their future careers.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

Over the past 12 months, as a young brand, we have experienced growth and maturity. However, this journey has not been without its challenges. A particularly difficult moment occurred when USA initially lifted its travel ban, allowing several of our travelers to plan their trips. Unfortunately, the travel ban was reinstated shortly after, creating a complex situation involving flight bookings, visa issues, and communication with both travelers and their parents. Navigating these challenges was a substantial learning curve for us. Despite the difficulties, we successfully managed to get all our travelers to the USA safely. This experience strengthened our resilience and ability to handle unforeseen disruptions.