Cara Thomas

JaCServDelivery PTY Ltd

What does your company do?

2020 We are in the Courier/Logistics/Deliveries/Collection/Transportation business. Our business consist of two parts, Same Day and On-demand door to door deliveries within the Cape Town, West Coast and Wine lands areas. 2021 We added School, Staff, Private, Events and Airport transportation services, with the focus of helping keeping our communities and its people safe and secured.

What is your biggest success?

2020 A Pandemic was declared and the world came to a standstill. This resulted in many people loosing their jobs and could not provide for their lives and livelihoods. I was one of those people that lost my job. I looked at my tools at hand, what I enjoyed doing best and how I could add value to our Communities. Hence the start of JaCServDelivery, where we started with same day door to door deliveries. 2021 We added school, staff, private, events and airport transportation to our service. This resulted in creating employment for myself and an additional three more staff members. 2024 JaCServDelivery & Transportation continue to focus on adding value to the Communities lives and livelihoods.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

Staying afloat with finding an agreement with one or more of our bigger Corporate or Private companies, where we will continue to provide exceptional and secured services in both the delivery and private transportation services. Lack of funding for advertising and marketing that will help to reach out to potential customers and encourage them to use or services. An effective advertising campaign will help to, increase customer reach and build customer awareness of our business and brand. Expanding the business and allow it to improve, and thus get bigger, which will result in more employment opportunities and thus will help with reducing the unemployment rate.