Chantelle van den Heever


What does your company do?

VSLS is a human capital consultancy that believes in building the future of work by unlocking capabilities to create a sustainable future for individuals, businesses, and society alike. We specialise in learning solutions, communications and change enablement.

What is your biggest success?

I have established myself as a strategic partner, consistently adding value to organisations by deeply understanding and addressing our clients' critical pain points. Starting my career as a part-time copywriter, I have ascended to executive roles, navigating and overcoming the multifaceted barriers prevalent in a predominantly male industry. Being younger than most typical executives and strategic consulting partners, I have successfully challenged and dispelled preconceived notions across highly competitive markets in Europe and North America. My journey exemplifies not only personal resilience but also my ability to significantly contribute to the growth and success of my business and our clients.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

My greatest challenge has been establishing myself as a thought leader and pioneer in future technology implementation, such as artificial intelligence within traditional markets. This journey has also deeply involved advocating for transformative 'future of work' principles, promoting flexibility and innovation through gig economy models. My efforts have not only required a robust understanding of emerging technologies but also a visionary approach to reshaping how work is perceived and conducted. By leading these shifts, I have positioned myself at the forefront of the industry, championing the adoption of new paradigms and setting transformative benchmarks for technology and work practices.