Charlene Elliott

Life of Giving Charity Shop

What does your company do?

Life of Giving is giving hope to the unpriviliace women in our community with helping the girls to attend there matric farewells and any functions they need to attend.The girls come to me and i will dress them from dress till shoes and i will also help them with hair and make up appointments. Last year i had 2 girls that was in matrix and had babies but they went that night to there matric ball .

What is your biggest success?

I'm a principal at a Aftercare and Creche for the last 8 years this is also a school for the community. In 2023 i received the following awards International award Influential women of year Cape Winelands Sport Awards Sport Community Builder of the year Award Women's Lifestyle Network Women of the year Award Women's Lifestyle Network Women in Community Award Women's Lifestyle Network Spirit of Excellence Award I'm a Motivational speaker and a mom of 2 beautiful kids.My passion is to serve my community and to be the change the world want to see.I believe that if your dreams don't make you scared it's not big enough. I also believe that you need to love yourself first before you can love anyone.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

My biggest hurdle at the moment is that I'm doing Life of Giving from home and the space is to small.I would love to buy new dress but financially i can't because Life of Giving is n shop were people donate dresses.