Cherries Moima

Cherries Bridal

What does your company do?

We specialize in couture customized dresses for Women, Bridal dresses, Matric dresses, Graduation dress etc.

What is your biggest success?

Good Friday 2024, we dressed a total of 8 brides in the same weekend. This was a surreal moment to watch when I think of where it all started.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

I started my bridal business in 2019 working on bridal gowns from home. In 2020 God graced me with the ability to open my first Bridal boutique. As a small business owner, this was the highlight of my business career, I was ready to spread my wings and soar. Unfortunately my success was short lived as we were hit by the dreadful pandemic, namely Covid. The world came to a complete halt, so did my business. I tried to come up with exciting ideas to keep the business going but it was a huge challenge. As painful as it was this resulted in having to close down the Bridal boutique by the end of 2022.