Cheyenne Fernanda Miller

Ferna Tech

What does your company do?

Ferna Tech is a design-as-asubscription full service agency based in Cape Town, South Africa, catering to startups, founders, and agencies both locally and internationally. We offer a remote-first, seamless and simple solution for entrepreneurs and businesses that are overworked and under-resourced. Ferna Tech provides a range of design services, including website design, wireframing, and app design. Catering to startups, SMEs, and agencies, we offer lean UX solutions and pitch readiness services. The company's unique selling proposition is its design-on-demand subscription model. Ferna Tech aims to empower its clients to focus on growing their businesses while the company handles the design and product development. The brand addresses the human needs of time-saving, efficiency, and access to professional design services for early-stage to enterprise clients.

What is your biggest success?

I'm fortunate to be an international multi-award winning Digital Creative Director specialising in product strategy and innovation for under represented Pan-African communities and entrepreneurs. Key career highlights includes spearheading design operations and venture acceleration at Pan-Africa's Leading Multichoice Startup Accelerator for 2022 and 2023. I have crafted creative expertise throughout South Africa, Pan-Africa, the Middle East, USA and the EU with focus on spearheading design teams across early stage to multi-national enterprise businesses specific to minority development across multinationals, namely ABSA, Old Mutual, Multichoice and EOH (iOCO). I’m an acting One Young World Delegate Ambassador (2023), a global leader of creativity and design, an award winning product director and who has panelled conversations with world leaders, namely Prof Muhammad Yunus, CEO of Obama Foundation, David Simas and PepsiCo Foundation CEO, CD Glin alongside key noting the world's leading educational institutes, namely Columbia University.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

My greatest hurdle has been imposter syndrome, as a young black woman in tech, you have to bet on yourself before you expect anyone else to believe in your vision. I've had to accept how to delegate, how to efficiently and constructively train people without sacrificing my kindness as a leader. I've believe in prioritising bringing others up with me, success in overcoming personal hurdles for me, is remembering that you are not working for you, but rather for others who admire and will go on after you.