Cheyenne Fernanda Miller

Ferna Tech

What does your company do?

Ferna Tech is more than a team of experts; we are partners in your business success. We are advocates for change, providers of product excellence and champions of innovation. Tailored Product Design, Web Development, Design Operations Scaling, Capacity Building, Data-Driven Design Support. We specialise in shortening the gap between idea and an investable thriving business. The #1 subscription for design on demand.

What is your biggest success?

My greatest success has to be building & piloting the number 1 Pan-African Accelerator, Multichoice Startup Accelerator — by which we built the vehicle of scaled 29 Pan-African tech businesses. Of which 11 gained international investment. A large focus for me is the Pan-African Startup Economy and building to bridge Pan-African excellence with international opportunity.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

My greatest hurdle has been imposter syndrome, as a young black woman in tech, you have to bet on yourself before you expect anyone else to believe in your vision. I've had to accept how to delegate, how to efficiently and constructively train people without sacrificing my kindness as a leader. I've believe in prioritising bringing others up with me, success in overcoming personal hurdles for me, is remembering that you are not working for you, but rather for others who admire and will go on after you.