Chezel Alves

Flame Rebirth Life Transformation Coaching

What does your company do?

I am a Life Transformation Coach and help people get unstuck from an unhappy life to the life they desire. I work 1:1 coaching, group coaching, motivational speaking, teambuilding, and workshops. With my 1:1 coaching, I have powerful therapies and techniques that help clients remove negative emotions and beliefs from their lives because these are the things that hold us all back in life and stop us from moving in the direction that we want to live. My workshop and team-building are where I give value and guidance. I help people remove the lenses of the life we have been taught to live and show people where our reality actually takes place. I work with the subconscious mind of my clients because that's where our true power lies in the life we wish to live. When people learn how we create our reality, they understand and stop blaming the world outside of themselves and start to create the life they desire through their thoughts and their actions.

What is your biggest success?

Coming from a poor background and making the investment to become a life transformation coach has been the greatest blessing yet. As I studied I learned and, became very passionate and, discovered my purpose is to change people's lives. I transform relationships and empower lives.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

The challenges of getting my business up and running from getting clients to keeping up with all the trends on social media. This is the hardest challenge so far.