Claudine Hartell

Dr Claudine Hartell Inc

What does your company do?

Obstetric an Gynaecological services, covering women's health from childhood through to menopause and beyond.

What is your biggest success?

Giving all women the best gynaecological care. Women of all ages showing their gratitude for my services rendered. Saving mothers and saving babies. Changing the outcome of events that would have led to an adverse outcome. Educating nursing staff on patient care, gynaecological and obstetic conditions. Outreach to teenage girls regarding their reproductive health and contraceptive care. Outreach to church group functions and being a guest on a radio talk show to talk about contraception and cervical cancer prevention.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

Choosing staff who also sees my vision. Sometimes, people whom we employed did not understand the essence and delicate treatment required in women's health. Vigorous staff training and sometimes dismissal of staff was required to uphold the standard of care.