Cleopatra Van Ster Ngoie

Nurseit Primary and Occupational health care services

What does your company do?

I have always had a passion for nursing, and I have turned that passion into a successful business. Nurseit Primary and Occupational Healthcare Services provide primary healthcare and occupational healthcare at an affordable cost in communities where it is needed the most. We provide cost-effective, relevant, and quality primary healthcare in communities that need it the most thus we ease and assist with the burden of disease and access to healthcare. A primary health care nursing specialist can dispense and prescribe until schedule 4 making her service cost effective and accessible to the public at a reasonable cost. We provide quality, affordable and relevant primary health care that includes medication to the public. Our waiting times is an average of 30-45 minutes at most, thus making our service easily accessible to the public. We provide all services including pregnancy care and our service is available 6 days a week to cater for those working. The need for basic antenatal care has increased because the waiting time and booking system has increased waiting period this service is provided by us as trained midwives and clients can access this service on a Saturday not spending a day out of work of a full day at the clinic. We provide primary and occupational health care services at a reasonable cost our aim is to make more services available to the community that include not only primary health care but also eyecare, dentistry, and pharmaceutical service. Our business provides convenient and affordable access to private healthcare services in service areas that are often overlooked by other healthcare providers

What is your biggest success?

We serve an average of 1300 clients a month these services include all primary healthcare services making access to health more accessible with a reduce waiting time at an affordable cost. We reach under service areas where the need for healthcare cannot be carried by the public healthcare system alone. We started with 1 clinic in 2017 with 2 staff members today we have 3 clinics and 7 staff members

What has been your biggest hurdle?

The need to expand at a faster rate making our service available for more communities