Constance Botswe

Sejeng setshego

What does your company do?

Provide worksuits for constructing companies

What is your biggest success?

Sejeng setshego being my company has few institutions to serve.This company provides worksuit to big institutions in my area. Honestly , sejeng setshego pty (LTD) serves to institutions such as companies with constructing employees,gold,platinum,and chrome mines. These facilities assist in growing the business as it offer better deals. It helps me manage my company's flaws. I as a major stakeholder become excited to see my company being improvised by institutions I never thought they would consult with me on my services. I hope I will get enormous deals from many companies that will contribute in earning great commissions as they are my biggest success right now .

What has been your biggest hurdle?

Sejeng setshego pty (LTD) endure the Ts&Cs of not having anyone who sponsor it. I the stakeholder go all out to ensure that my company does not face many flaws nor make lose. Most of the time I sacrifice my own money to balance the business's flaws . It is very excruciating to see a company that you look up to failing or enduring enormous Ts&Cs . To avoid that from happening I as an independent major stakeholder have to balance my assets in order to overcome my liabilities. I am striving to see my company sejeng setshego one day being sponsored by some companies to improvise it in its flaws.It concern me a lot to endure such huge hurdles whoile there are companies that can sponsor mine to be better then now.