Cwenga Koyana

Talitha Together

What does your company do?

We empower teenage mothers in Africa through education and entrepreneurial skills development. We provide support to pregnant teens living in disadvantaged communities through 6 pillars: 1. Provision of antenatal and postnatal classes 2. Delivery of extra school lessons 3. Support for their mental health and emotional wellbeing. 4. Impartation of entrepreneurial skills development. 5. Donations of essential resources. 6. Teen Pregnancy Prevention Talks at schools and clinics

What is your biggest success?

Supporting over 1500 teenage mothers in Southern Africa and seeing most of them matriculate, progress to tertiary education and start their own businesses while raising their babies. Winning the Dream For Change Projects Award at the UNESCO headquarters in Paris in 2022 and winning the UN Women Young Entrepreneur Award in 2023 has been part of our great achievements.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

Lack of funding to support more teen mothers. Government departments not responding to collaborate with us. Reaching younger teen mothers who are in hiding and scared to get support.