Cybel Bilankulu

Mkasana Farmers

What does your company do?

Mkasana Farmers is Poultry farming Company, we buy fertile eggs in Johannesburg and place them in a automatic egg incubator for 21 days then we vaccinate the day old chicks and package them for delivery to the small scale farmers who grow broiler chickens to sell after 6 weeks of growth.

What is your biggest success?

My biggest success was when I applied for the Sasol program in 2021 to study poultry farming and they gave me an opportunity to go to Buhle farming Academy for 3 months to do practicals and theory for poultry. After 3 months of the program they gave me a R50 000 Funding and I choose to buy a 720 capacity automatic egg incubator , Generator , packaging boxes and fertile eggs. And when I started the business I discovered that the demand is huge there are 1 or 2 competitors around the Govern Mbaki.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

My Biggest hurdle is loadshedding and Petrol. Starting my business I did not think or calculate how much petrol will I use for the 21 days of hatching the eggs. The egg incubator need to be on for 21 day none stop because once it stops the fertile eggs get affected and delay to hatch weather you used a generator as a backup the moment it switches off more days of hatching are added. Because of loadshedding I once lost alot off unhatched eggs and also discovered that I spent all my profit on buying petrol for the backup Generator.