Danel Hennings

Salted Athletics

What does your company do?

Salted Athletics is a female founded strength training activewear brand. Determined firstly to provide high quality gym clothing that doesn't have to be overly expensive/ unobtainable; determined secondly to grow the local economy, create more jobs and provide new opportunities for passionate local individuals. Designing, sourcing, and manufacturing everything within South Africa. A transparent brand that is driven by the term Enclothed Cognition - when you feel like you look great, you perform even better.

What is your biggest success?

I've learned that celebrating the small wins along the way is what works for me. The two I would define as my "biggest success" - is: Receiving the perfect sample, and Perservering even though everything seems to work against me. From bootstrapping my way through an industry that I had absolutely no prior knowledge or experience in - through mistakes, disappointments, trial and error, learning curves, persistence and dedication - receiving the perfect sample is when I finally held the physical representation of what was previously just a fragment of my imagination. Thinking back to June 2023, when I was working as a production manager at a local bakery (with my BSc Food Sc degree), scared to make the decision of leaving. I'm proud of how far I've come.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

My biggest hurdle is myself. Learning to be confident in selling a product doesn't come naturally to me. Even though I KNOW my activewear will improve my community's experience when working out, and give them a reason to be active on days when they don't feel like it - I still feel like a bit uncomfortable. Second hurdle I want to include - is trying to research, plan, and perfect "the thing" - before actually DOING "the thing". I've learned that taking action is more important than overthinking and overplanning - coming from a perfectionist. Getting active feedback and adapting accordingly is a strong way of getting ahead of where you were yesterday.