Desiree Ngema


What does your company do?

Desbaked business model is made up of 3 pillars -Retail , Bespoke Celebrations and Accredited training (Desbaked Academy). We produce quality baked goods and teach baking skills. For our Business of Baking Masterclass we offer both technical baking and business skills to home based bakers and individuals who seek to improve their skillset and increase their chances of being employed. We currently have 2 sites, our central kitchen and retail store. We collaborate with culinary institutes to host learners/ chef in training for their internship. We also take on unemployed individuals from learnerships, as a host site, we offer employment to the individuals that have performed well over their 12-month period on the job learning stint.

What is your biggest success?

Establishing myself in the culinary industry as a pastry chef and winning accolades ( Prue Lieth Culinary Institute Distinguished Alumna for Entrepreneurial Excellence in Bespoke Baking 2023, Bloom Marketing- BIO WOMAN 2023 , Bambelela Business Award-First Place, 2024) for the work that we do, after changing careers from corporate to entrepreneurship. Starting our annual baking competition called Bake the World a Better Place- the concept was to have home based bakers/baking enthusiasts showoff their skills and win themselves prizes and a One on One class to finetune their craft and take it to the next level. RCL was our main sponsor (see video attached). Keeping the business running for the past 7 years, opening our second branch and seeing people who served their internship at Desbaked start their businesses in the same industry and growing.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

Having sufficient resources to keep the business afloat during and post Covid, mastering diverse skillset and systems while scaling up-upskilling myself on all functions of the business when I recognized the gaps, while being hands on in the operation. Talent retention and sourcing aligned to business needs.