Devonia Thembeka Jansen

Devonia Designs

What does your company do?

I've always had a thing for design. From a young age, i have been fascinated with the idea of aesthetic and being a designer gives me the opportunity to work with different clients and different aesthetic approaches. ​ From interior to graphic design, i love combining the worlds of technical and creative design to create eye-catching and accessible applications. Devonia Designs is the name of my brand and one of my primary goals is to make the design process itself enjoyable for clients, Enjoying the challenges offered with every creative opportunity and to help clients build meaningful brands.

What is your biggest success?

My biggest impact was creating CVs for unemployed citizens who are seeking employment and my rate was a R100 because i know the feeling of being unemployed for two years so it was a great impact success for me.

What has been your biggest hurdle?

When i designed a label package design for a water company in Kyalami Johannesburg, it was a hurdle for me because i was in self doubt if i can be able to do the work however i told myself i am not just designing a label but also a label that will remain for generations to come.